Wednesday, 13 February 2013


 We have a plant in the Herb Garden called Tenggek Burung.  It was planted about two years ago but until today the plant looked sickly.  A healthy plant would be as tall as I am after two years and so there must be something wrong with the soil where it was planted.  So I decided to do some replanting.
This evening, I got three of the boys to help me transfer the plant.  When one of the boys was digging, we realised that there were two plants instead of one.  I decided to leave one of the plants in the original place and transfer the other to the main herb garden.
 The student had to dig carefully to make sure not to damage the roots.
 Another student had to use a spade to carefully remove one of the plants from the earth.
 See how careful the boy was in executing the transfer of the plant.
 This is the new place that the Tenggek Burung is planted.
 The boys planting the Tenggek Burung in its new locations.

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