Thursday, 18 October 2012


To introduce the vocational college to the other vocational and technical schools plus the teachers and students in and around Manjung district, a 3-day carnival is held in KVSM. Visitors can visit the workshops and exhibition booths to get a better understanding of the running of a vocational college. To enliven the carnival, there are food stalls, innovation competitions, movie shows, religious talk and Nasyid performances.
I went to school yesterday evening to check how things were getting along and found that some of the food stalls were already doing business and a few of the vocational schools had brought their innovations for the competitions.
Amir who went along with me, enjoyed himself. He tasted the delicious Nasi Ayam and was the first visitor to ride the automobile invented by Sekolah Vokasional Lebuh Cator, Ipoh.

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