Friday, 21 September 2012


This is the pot of chrysanthemum that I had bought a few weeks ago. The flowers had faded and the plant needed to be transferred to a bigger pot for it to thrive. Initially the plant was in my garden but then I decided to replant it in the Herb Garden as the environment is more conducive.
I got three of my students, Akmal, Ikram and Amirul, to help me do the planting during their recess time
Here Ikram is loosening the soil in the pot.
Amirul carefully removes the plant from the small plastic pot.
The boys work together to place the plant into the bigger earthen pot.
Next Akmal helps to cut away the dead flowers.

Here I am with the boys after the plant has been successfully transferred to a bigger pot.

Akmal helped me to water the Chrysanthemum plant and also the other plants in the Herb Garden.

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