Thursday, 13 September 2012


Picture of Miss Cheah and Encik Abdullah taken during a meeting for 
Media Teachers at PKG Seri Manjung

Last night Tuan Haji Hasnin sent me a message that Encik Abdullah who was the officer at the  Seri Manjung Teacher Activity Centre had passed away yesterday.
Encik Abdullah was the PKG officer who would come around to give technical support to our resource centre.  However, for the past two years he had been very ill and at one time lost his sight due to diabetes.  Fortunately, after a few eye surgeries, he managed to regain some vision.
It was about two weeks ago that I last met him.  At that time I had gone to the Teacher Activity Centre to send in the list of students who had achieved NILAM status for a reading programme.  Encik Abdullah told me that he was recently discharged from the district hospital but his health was still not good.  He told me that he was admitted to a specialist hospital before that.  Little did I realise that it was the last time that I'd see Encik Abdullah alive.
May his soul rest in peace and may his family have all the strength they need to overcome this great loss.

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