Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Each year, the Pusat Sumber will hold a program to raise money to buy clothes for the orphans and the needy in Persatuan Manabi'ul Ulum.  It is the same this year.  There are 25 orphans and needy children that we are planning to buy Baju Raya this year.  So far we have only collected half the amount needed.  Hopefully, more people will be generous enough to contribute more money so that we will be able to buy better quality clothings for the children.  A few of the lecturers will be bringing the children shopping on the 12th of August.
Besides the fund raising, there is also an exhibition on Ramadan.  During the last week of Ramadan, Miss Cheah and some of the lecturers will be bringing the librarians to Pondok Lekir to distribute goodie bags to the senior citizens there.  Like last year, the librarians will spend some time with their 'neneks' and chit-chat with them.

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