Tuesday, 14 August 2012


 Puan Kamariah, Tuan Haji Hasnin and I went along to assist Ustaz Syed Sharim who had wanted to help buy Raya clothes for a very poor family in Teluk Muruh. The father of the 3 children died from a illness in April this year. Their mother is working as a janitor and her pay is not much. Their late father used to work as a gardener.Early in the morning, I had informed Ustaz Syed that I still had RM125 left from the collection to buy clothings for the orphans for the "Program Kerja Amal Pusat Sumber KVSM" and he told me that he wanted to buy festive clothings for the Teluk Muruh orphans and suggested that we could use the money for them. I agreed and also volunteered to go along in the evening.
We had gone with Ustaz Syed to pick the family up from their rented home in Teluk Muruh. It was a small wooden hut. The mother, Puan Ana told me that she paid RM150 for the rent. I am certain that her wages as a sweeper is very low. Thankfully, Puan Kamariah and I thought of buying some foodstuff to bring along to give to her while we were there. At least that would help a bit.
In this picture, you can see Ustaz Syed, Kama and I with the three orphans in front of the clothing stall.
 Choosing clothes for the boys

 Making sure the baju kurung fits.
 Choosing shoes for the children
Ustaz Syed Sharim is the Islamic Studies lecturer at Kolej Vokasional Seri Manjung. He is a big man with an equally big heart. He has taken it upon himself to care for orphans, needy children and old folks. During the outing with him yesterday, Ustaz used his own money to buy clothes for the 3 orphans and their mother. The extra money that I had collected from people at KVSM was used to buy an extra set of clothings for each of the children.
Ustaz Syed also asked me and Kamariah to persuade the mother to let her 3 children stay at the Pondok (religious school) which he helps to run. Their schooling and expenses will be supported by Persatuan Manabi'ul Ulum. He even offered her work at the Pondok dining hall and a living quarters. Hopefully, Puan Ana takes up the offer.

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