Friday, 24 February 2012


Encik Wan Yusaini bin Wan Hassan, the Deputy Director for Academic Support was Master of Ceremony for the presentation.
Mr Ting Tai Fook addressing the 101 recipients of the 1Malaysia Netbooks.

Hisyam from 5SKM2 receiving his Netbook from Mr Ting while the director of KVSM, Puan Intan Suhana bt Kamarudin looks on.
Ezekiel receiving his Netbook from Mr Ting.
Afiq receiving his Netbook from Mr Ting.
Faiz and Ashraf showing their forms to claim the Netbooks.
Mr Ting presenting the Netbook to Dhiya.
This morning, 101 of our students who qualified to receive the 1Malaysia Netbooks attended a special presentation ceremony in the school hall.  Mr Ting Tai Fook, the secretary to Dato' Kong Cho Har, the Minister of Transport, was invited to give a talk to the students before presenting the netbooks to a few of the students.
After the ceremony, the students were given a briefing by a representative of the Vendor before getting their netbooks.

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