Monday, 9 January 2012


Today is a historic day for Kolej Vokasional Seri Manjung as this is the registration for the first batch of Year One college students.
The registration booths opened at 8.30 a.m. and part of the process of registering the students went on smoothly.  The booths were manned by the Form 5 students.
The new students and their parents lined up in an orderly manner for the first part of the registration process.
Wah! This new student must really want to come to our college as he came with crutches.  He injured his leg while playing football.
The student on duty taking down the details of the student under the watchful eye of his parent.
 Checking the classes the students have been assigned.
 Part of the student reception committee.
 The students manning the checking counter outside the hall.
Encik Wan Yusaini giving assistance to a new student and his parent.
 One of the students ushering the new student and his family to the class for part 2 of the registration.

 Registration in the classes.

Food is packed for the new students.
 A parent presenting the food coupon to the student on duty.
 The student on duty giving the packet of food to the parent.
One of the new students exchanging his coupon for the packet of food provided by the school.

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